If you are a church looking to rent a space while you build at your new location, then contact the Lanier Community School at 678-765-4768 Monday - Thursday 3pm-9pm.

Rental Requests

If you are looking to rent a gym, theater (seats 480), field, or classroom, contact the Lanier Community School at 678-765-4768 Monday-Thursday 3pm-9pm.

Georgia Driver's Education Grant Scholarship

This Scholarship is offered driver's education to Georgia Students. The scholarship is open to Georgia Residents ages fifteen through seventeen. 

Upcoming Driver ED Classes


Two Summer Sessions

June 3-6 OR June 17-20

Mon - Thurs  8am-4pm





The mission of the Lanier Community School is to maximize use of public education buildings by providing economical options for community organizations to utilize school facilities within the Lanier cluster. The Lanier Community School will also provide academic remediation, extra-curricular activities, and other programs that will support well-rounded students who will be prepared to enter post-secondary education and/or careers. 

Vision: Lanier Community School has maximized use of Lanier cluster facilities for community organizations and events. Each year the graduation rate and student achievement will increase with the support of program offerings through the Community School that include; Credit Recovery, Camps, Drivers Education, and Health/Personal Fitness Summer Classes.